What Are the Advantages of Lotus Root Powder Drying and Sterilization Equipment?

In recent years, microwave drying as a new technology has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production.Microwave drying has the advantages of uniform heating, high utilization of heat energy, good product quality, short heating time and easy automatic control.

Different from hot air and other drying methods, microwave-dried materials have fast drying speed, short drying time, high quality of dried materials and high thermal utilization rate due to their unique heating characteristics.Microwave drying has been paid more and more attention and applied in the fields of medicine, food industry and agricultural products processing.

Advantages and features of microwave lotus root powder drying and sterilization equipment produced by Leader Microwave Equipment Company:

1.Drying time of Lotus root powder drying sterilization machine is short.

It takes the longest time to dry lotus root starch by hot air, and the shortest time to dry lotus root powder by sterilizing machinery.It is energy-efficient.

2.Product dried by lotus root powder drying sterilization equipment has high brightness,natural color.

The heating speed of lotus root powder drying sterilization machine is fast , heat transfer from the inside to outside,the penetration is strong, the energy utilization rate is high, which can shorten the drying time, speed up the drying rate, has the advantages of fast, efficient, etc.At the same time, it can maintain the original color and fragrance of the material, and its quality is good.

3.Lotus root starch drying and sterilization equipment has a small effect on the morphology of lotus root starch.

The starch dried by lotus root starch drying equipment did not occur gelatinization and melting, particles are relatively complete,the outline is clear,the surface is smooth,few particles have slight pits on the surface, which can maintain the starch particles structure characteristics.

Microwave drying from the inside out of a unique heating method, rapid evaporation of water, short time, less agglomeration between particles, particles damage is minimal.The unique heating method of microwave drying which is from inside to outside,water evaporates quickly.There is little agglomeration between particles and little damage to particles.

4.The viscosity of the starch treated by Lotus root powder drying sterilization equipment is small.And it was widely used.

The viscosity of starch also reflects the properties and uses of starch products.The study of starch viscosity is of great significance in the production of modern starch products.At the early stage of starch paste insulation, starch particles bump, rub and squeeze each other after water absorption and expansion, and the degree of association between starch molecules increases continuously.

The hydrogen bonds between molecules are more tightly bound, the microcrystalline bundles in the molecules become larger, the shear resistance and fracture resistance are enhanced, and the viscosity value increases.

When the viscosity reaches the maximum value, with the extension of time, the starch continues to absorb water and expand, and the volume of the starch paste increases, which also leads to the increase of the average volume occupied by each molecule.Internal molecules due to the weakened interaction between molecules, resulting in reduced viscosity.Starch with small viscosity is often used in industry and food as thickening agent, nutrition enhancer.

5.Starch treated by microwave lotus root starch drying sterilization equipment has better coagulation stability.

Liquid volume of liquid volume dried by Lotus root powder drying sterilization equipment is higher.The clear liquid volume is large,the deposition is small.The results showed that starch had good wettability, dispersibility and fluidity, and good crosslinking degree.Therefore, the stability, dispersibility and fluidity of lotus starch dried by microwave were better than those dried by infrared and hot air.

6.The starch treated by lotus root starch drying and sterilization equipment has good stability.

In the process of microwave drying, the interaction between the straight chain and the straight chain, and between the straight chain and the branch chain in the amorphous region inside the particle increases.

Less amylose was broken in the amorphous region than in the original powder.Furthermore, the heat effect of amylose further enhanced this effect, so the water drainage rate of lotus root starch after microwave drying was smaller than that of other samples.

Secondly,researches show that,microwave drying can break some branch chains of starch granules, reduce the content of amylopectin and intermediate grades, and increase the content of amylose.

7.Lotus root starch paste dried by lotus root powder drying sterilization equipment has low transparency.It has good fluidity and molecular dispersion.

Transparency is the external manifestation of starch paste, which affects the sensory evaluation of starch products and the acceptability of consumers and the market.The starch dried by the lotus root powder drying and sterilization equipment has lower light transmittance and change rate, and higher amylose content.

The flow radius of molecules with high content of amylose in aqueous solution is large, resulting in large steric resistance of the solution and even dispersion of molecules.Light through the starch paste can produce more reflection and scattering, lower transparency, good fluidity and dispersion, more suitable for use as a conditioner, anti – binding agent.

The drying time of the starch is short, the starch brightness is high and the color is natural.Starch granules are relatively complete, without agglomeration, with clear outline, smooth surface and good appearance.The water content of starch was lower, the stability of freeze-thaw was better, and the viscosity and transparency of starch were lower than other drying methods.

Comprehensive comparison,lotus root starch drying needs a lot of time, in terms of drying duration, appearance and properties of starch, microwave drying method is superior to other methods and has incomparable advantages.Microwave lotus root powder drying and sterilization equipment, microwave food baking equipment and other microwave equipment to a large extent changed the face of the food industry.