Red bean coix seed powder sterilization

It can cure damp arthraligia, benefit the intestines and stomach, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach, long take light body and benefit for health. Red beans, known as “vigna umbellata” in traditional Chinese medicine, also have obvious effects of inducing diuresis for removing edema and strengthening the spleen and stomach. Because it’s red, red goes into the heart, so it can also benefit to the heart. Modern people are under great pressure. Blood deficiency, irregular diet, little exercise, spleen deficiency and with heavy dampness. If want clearing damp, also to tonifying heart, strengthen lienal stomach even, coix seed and red bean are the … Read more

Microwave Sterilization of chilli powder

Due to various reasons in the process of processing, storage and transportation, for example, the raw material itself contains a high amount of bacteria, and it is difficult to kill pest eggs and microorganisms in the process of production and processing. Improper storage of raw materials or finished products and pollution in the production process can easily lead to excessive microorganisms and economic losses. Due to the particularity of paprika powder, general heating or chemical sterilization methods are not applicable. Irradiation can effectively control microorganisms and improve the sanitary quality of paprika powder to some extent, but it has the following disadvantages: … Read more