Red bean coix seed powder sterilization

It can cure damp arthraligia, benefit the intestines and stomach, eliminate edema, strengthen the spleen and benefit the stomach, long take light body and benefit for health. Red beans, known as “vigna umbellata” in traditional Chinese medicine, also have obvious effects of inducing diuresis for removing edema and strengthening the spleen and stomach. Because it’s red, red goes into the heart, so it can also benefit to the heart. Modern people are under great pressure. Blood deficiency, irregular diet, little exercise, spleen deficiency and with heavy dampness. If want clearing damp, also to tonifying heart, strengthen lienal stomach even, coix seed and red bean are the best. Boiled into porridge, it is intended to make its active ingredients fully absorbed by the body, without causing any burden on the spleen and stomach.

The traditional sterilization methods include: high temperature sterilization, pasteurization, ultraviolet sterilization, radiation and infrared, etc. High temperature treatment may cause the material to withstand too high temperature and lead to the destruction of active ingredients. Ultraviolet light has limited penetration. The radiation temperature is low, but it needs to be centralized processing. It is inconvenient for users to operate, and the cost is high. Users need to adjust the production process to cooperate with sterilization. And its rationality has been controversial, developed countries in Europe and the United States ban irradiation products into the market. Infrared sterilization is still based on the premise of temperature, need to reach 100~130℃ to sterilize, not suitable for thermal sensitive materials.

Microwave food sterilization is the result of the combined effect of microwave thermal effect and biological effect. The thermal effect of microwave is mainly reflected in the material heated by microwave. Materials heating to achieve the purpose of sterilization. In addition, biological effects — changing the molecular structure of an object through high-frequency magnetic fields, causing proteins and physiologically active substances in microorganisms to mutate and become inactivated or die. So microwave belongs to low temperature sterilization equipment, compared with the traditional high temperature sterilization equipment, both achieve the same sterilization effect. High-temperature sterilization requires the temperature to reach more than 120℃, and maintain more than 20 minutes; The microwave sterilization equipment only needs 3~5min, the temperature reaches 80~85℃ can achieve effective sterilization effect.

Most of the red bean coix seed powder produced in jining zaozhuang area, as food safety issues are more and more attention, jining Mr. Cao inspected a number of sterilization equipment manufacturers, did not find the favorite. Mr. Cao saw our equipment on the Internet and sent samples to our factory to do coix seed powder sterilization test.

Powder microwave sterilization is very easy to cause secondary pollution, so we decided to bag the sample sealed. Sample 150g/ bag. Sample moisture 11%. Humidity is good for microwave sterilization.

Adjust the experiment, the temperature is set at 78℃, the transmission rate remains unchanged, and the microwave power is set at 100%. When the material temperature rises to 70℃, the microwave power is reduced to 10% to maintain the temperature. The experiment was continued for 10min. The actual temperature of the sample was 83℃, and the appearance of the sample was good.Repeated experiments and sent samples to customers for inspection.

According to the customer’s feedback, the total number of colonies is within 10,000, and the number of e. coli is within 40.Meet the requirements of sterilization.

According to the actual needs of customers, a 90kw water-cooled microwave equipment is customized. Considering the actual production, a ladder type microwave sterilization equipment is designed, which can be truly applied in the production.

The stepped microwave drying and sterilization equipment can use microwave to dry products or sterilize products. In the process of drying or sterilizing, in order to ensure that the products are dried or sterilized without dead space, the goods can be transported and turned over in the process of drying or sterilizing by stair conveyor. It can dry or sterilize the articles in all directions without dead space. In the drying process, the inner space of the drying sterilization chamber can also be blown or pumped to provide a circulating air environment, thus achieving a more efficient drying process. Cascade microwave drying sterilization device, in the process of use, not only can use microwave to dry the articles, but also can use microwave sterilization, provide circulation air environment, so as to achieve a more efficient sterilization process.

1.Device ontology

2.Drying sterilization chamber

3.Microwave emission sourc

4.Step type drive belt

5.The sample delivery port

6.The sampling port

7. The lighting source

8.Air inlet

9.Air outlet

10.Circulating fan

11.Gas filter