Powder Drying Equipment

In our daily life, we use all kinds of flour, peanut powder, mica powder and other powder materials. In the production process of these powder materials, we need to dry them to ensure their normal use. There are many drying equipment, microwave drying equipment is a good choice. After much comparison, we have finally entered into a partnership with Leader Microwave Equipment, whose powder drying equipment has many advantages.


Advantages of powder drying equipment

1.Powder drying machine can dry materials with moisture content up to 80%. After powder fineness drying, the moisture content of the product can be as low as 0.1%.

2.Powder dryer adopts continuous drying to improve production efficiency.

3.Effectively reduce power consumption, powder microwave drying machine can reduce material waste and loss.

4.Powder microwave dryer can effectively save cost, compared with the traditional powder drying equipment, save cost nearly 30%.

5.Short process flow, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, small floor area, simple configuration, easy to operate and control, good operating environment.

6.Powder microwave drying equipment can achieve efficient dust removal and effectively solve the problem of dust pollution.

The appearance of powder drying equipment conforms to the development of the market and provides us with great convenience. Leader Microwave Equipment has researched the market and created a variety of microwave drying equipment in different sizes so that everyone can find their own microwave drying equipment.

Powder drying equipment

Model and technical parameters of powder drying equipment

Input powerThree-phase five-wire 380V 50Hz
Microwave output power(Adjustable)
Microwave frequency2450MHz±50Hz
Dehydration ability(Customized according to customer requirements)
Height of inlet and outlet50mm
Transmission band width550mm
Transmission speed0.1~5m/min(Adjustable)
DimensionsCustomized according to customer requirements(L×W×H)
Working environment0~40℃、Relative humidity≤80%

The emergence of powder drying equipment has greatly liberated the labor force. Microwave defrosting equipment for frozen pork, microwave drying equipment for mushroom, microwave extraction equipment for rose and other microwave equipment have also brought great convenience to our life. Our daily life is also constantly affected by these high-tech, and the traditional way of drying is slowly out of the stage of history.

Microwave drying equipment

The difference between traditional powder drying method and powder drying equipment

Traditional powder drying is by means of sun drying or high temperature heating. The whole process takes four or five days, and workers are required to take care of the site. However, it cannot avoid the pollution of insect and ant dust. If meet overcast and rainy days, powder drying not timely will bring a lot of trouble to the dry. The powder drying equipment can complete the drying in a few minutes, completely avoiding these disadvantages, so the advantages are very significant.

In the development process of many years, we have used a variety of drying equipment, finally found that microwave drying equipment is the most practical, performance is the most superior, the most important is that its price is relatively low, cost performance is very high. Microwave equipment is very suitable for manufacturers to use, can provide us with very high quality products at the same time bring very rich profits.

Science and technology is the first productivity, the change of market demand prompted the birth of powder drying equipment. We believe that as long as we make good use of the equipment, in the future will be able to show in the industry, the use of microwave drying equipment will never let us regret!