Milk Microwave Sterilization Equipment

Wake up in the morning, a cup of milk, a bread, is a good breakfast collocation, thick milk incense and loose soft bread, is a delicious, enough to meet our stomach. A lot of food production needs to be sterilized, milk is no exception, sterilization is a very important process, Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s milk microwave sterilization equipment is a good choice.

Milk microwave sterilization equipment

Advantages of milk microwave sterilization equipment:

1.Low sterilization temperature

Compared with the traditional sterilization method, the general sterilization temperature of microwave sterilization machine is much lower.

2. Short sterilization time

Milk microwave sterilizing wave equipment can quickly sterilize milk, about 5-10 minutes can achieve the sterilizing effect

3. Sterilized completely

Because microwave can penetrate a certain thickness of food, so microwave sterilization of food, can be inside and outside at the same time sterilization.

4. Good quality, delay shelf life

Microwave sterilization thoroughly, so with milk microwave sterilization machine after the milk quality is good, greatly extended the shelf life.

5. Maintain original flavor and nutrition

Milk microwave sterilization machinery with exquisite technology, good sterilization effect, will not change the traditional flavor and nutrition of milk.

6.Energy saving and high efficiency

Microwave acts directly on milk, so there is no additional heat loss. The air in the furnace and the corresponding container will not heat up, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high, and the production environment is also significantly improved. Compared with far-infrared heating, it can save 30% of electricity.

7.Equipment easy to control

Compared with the conventional method, the milk microwave sterilizer has no thermal inertia and is easy to operate. Microwave power adjustable, transmission speed adjustable. In microwave heating sterilization, there is no waste water, no waste gas, no waste residue, is a safe and harmless high-tech.

The sterilization of milk

Working principle of milk microwave sterilization equipment:

Microwave sterilization is the result of combined action of thermal and biological effects of electromagnetic field. The thermal effect of microwave on bacteria is to denaturate protein and cause the bacteria to lose nutrition, reproduction and living conditions and die. The biological effect of microwave on bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes the permeability of the cell membrane cross section. As a result, bacteria are malnourished, unable to metabolize normally, their structure and function are confused, and their growth and development are inhibited and die.

Technical parameters of milk microwave sterilization equipment:

Operating voltageThree phases 380V±10%Transmission mode and speedFrequency conversion(0.5~5m/min)
Operational frequency2450MHz±50HzEquipment working environment5~40℃ Relative humidity≤80%
Input supply≤48KVAControlGeneral control or PLC human-machine interface control
Microwave output power≥30KW(Adjustable)Microwave leakMeet the national GB10436-89 standard

Nowadays, milk microwave sterilization equipment has become one of the most popular microwave equipment, it has a lot of other sterilization methods incomparable advantages, advanced degree of equipment, is the other equipment can not replace high-tech products. It and a variety of microwave defrosting equipment, microwave drying equipment and other equipment together led the development of the microwave industry, walk in the forefront of the times!