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LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment is an industrial tunnel type microwave sterilizer for solid powder materials, which can be used for sterilizing solid materials such as powder, particle, block and ball, etc. It is suitable for sterilizing solid materials in food, medical treatment, chemical industry, agriculture and other industries.

LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment is a kind of industrial tunnel crawler sterilization equipment with simple structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high sterilization quality, and basically no impact on material properties and active ingredient content.

LD1921 microwave sterilization equipment

LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment’s advantages:

1.LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment sterilizes through the thermal effect of microwave on polar molecules and the principle of non-thermal effect, using the control of water to achieve the ideal sterilization effect, sterilization process with conveyor conveyor, there is no extrusion, etc.

2.LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment has the characteristics of short sterilization time, good effect, no impact on the material properties and the content of active ingredients.

3.LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment sterilization degree of controllable, it has high degree of automation, can be used for industrial production sterilization operation.

4.LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment has low energy consumption, low pollution, simple structure, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain, which can improve sterilization efficiency, improve equipment operation efficiency and reduce production cost.

LD1921 microwave sterilization equipmentLD1921 microwave sterilization equipment

Nowadays, the existing powder sterilization equipment used in solid or powder production process is mainly wet and hot steam sterilization equipment and Co-60 radiation sterilization equipment, both of which have their own disadvantages or shortcomings:

Firstly, the hot and humid steam sterilization equipment keeps the material under high temperature all the time, which is not conducive to the stability of heat-resistant and volatile components, and even changes the properties of powder materials.

Secondly, although the radiation sterilization equipment can ensure the stability of powder, the residual radioactive materials in the material cause great damage to human health.

LD1921 microwave sterilization equipmentLD1921 microwave sterilization equipment

Operation method of LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment:

LD1921 powder sterilizing equipment achieves ideal sterilizing effect by controlling sterilizing time, sterilizing temperature and water content of the whole sterilizing environment.The outer wall of tank equipped with microwave generator, tanks longitudinal rectangular, with conveyor belt in tanks, tanks are installed on the air inlet pipe, the trachea, constant pressure valve, relief valve, hopper installed on top of tank, the feed hopper have sealed feeding device, described the conveyor end installed at the bottom of the feed hopper, on the other side over the receiving hopper, receiving hopper on the sealed discharging device;The water inlet pipe is connected with the atomizing nozzle in the tank body. The tank body is equipped with a cleaning bin door and a sewage pipe under the tank body.

Configuration of LD1921 microwave sterilization equipment:

LD1921 microwave sterilization equipment

1-microwave generator, 2-escape pipe, 3-constant pressure valve , 4-thermocouple, 5-temperature controlled meter, 6-safety valve, 7-feed hopper, 8-sealed feeding device, 9-sight glasses, 10-conveyor belt, 11-atomizer, 12-cleaning bin door, 13- sewage pipe, 14-heating box, 15-flow meter, 16-inlet pipe, 17-hopper, 18-sealed discharge device, 19-outlet, 20-tank, 21-intake pipe, 22-insulation layer, 23- vacuum exhaust pipe, 24-cooling room, 25-storage bucket

Technical parameters of LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment:

Daily capacity8T-10TLeakage value≤3mw/m³
Total power30KW/hMicrowave frequency2450/915MHz
Transmission speed0-5m/min(adjustable)Cooling methodBy water
Bactericidal ability300-400kg/hOperating methodsCompletely continuous
Size10500x840x1800mmHeating methodBy electricity

The microwave sterilization device on the microwave powder sterilization equipment is a series setting of multiple microwave units in the production line along the direction of material transfer, and the power and time of each microwave unit are independently controllable.The utility model facilitates the adjustment to meet different requirements of microwave sterilization power and time for different types and batches of products. The adjustable range is large, which can adapt to different production requirements and has remarkable energy saving effect.

LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment and LD1905 low temperature microwave sterilization equipment’s additional services:

1.On-site installation and commissioning services: we’ll install equipment for customers, train and guide staff.

2.Microwave powder sterilization equipment warranty period is one year, in the warranty period of parts damage, our company will be free for you to replace, no charge.

3.Lifetime tracking service of microwave powder sterilization equipment: if replace the parts beyond the warranty period, only charge the cost of the parts, free of service charge.

Domestic and foreign customer visitsDomestic and foreign customer visits

Domestic and foreign customer visits

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