Microwave Sterilization Equipment For Hawthorn Slices

Hawthorn product is a kind of very common food, often appear in our daily life, have very good help to indigestion, still can have the effect of appetizer at the same time. Food is often sterilized during processing, and there are many ways to do so. After much research, we finally chose Leader Microwave Equipment’s hawthorn flake microwave sterilization facility, which has significant advantages.

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for hawthorn slices

1.Hawthorn slice microwave sterilization machine using PLC control system. Simple operation, easy to use.

2.Hawthorn slice microwave sterilization machine in the production process without preheating, sterilization time is short, fast, evenly thorough sterilization.
3.Compared with traditional sterilization, microwave sterilization machine can effectively preserve the active ingredients and taste of hawthorn slices.
4.Microwave sterilization machine electricity system of low energy consumption, small footprint, high degree of automation.
5.Microwave sterilization equipment microwave has the thermal effect and non – thermal effect of double sterilization effect.

Microwave sterilization equipment is a professional material sterilization equipment, but also can play the role of drying, its emergence effectively helped the manufacturers to produce higher quality products. As a professional supplier of microwave sterilization equipment, Leader Microwave Equipment company has produced various types of sterilization equipment after understanding the market demand.

Microwave sterilization equipment for hawthorn slices

Model and technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for hawthorn slices

Rated input apparent power≤20kw≤30kw≤40kw
Microwave output power≥20kw≥30kw≥40kw
Inlet and outlet height40〜100mm40〜100mm40〜100mm
Dehydration rate16-20kg /h24-30kg /h32-35kg /h
Dimensions(L*W*H)8640 * 1200 * 2200(mm)11000 * 1200 * 2200(mm)11000 * 1500 * 2200(mm)
Operating temperature70〜200ºC(Controllable)
Equipment cooling modeWater cooling/Air cooling
Conveyor belt height600〜1000mm

Hawthorn slice microwave sterilization equipment sterilization effect is remarkable, sterilization is not only fast and complete, sterilization is penetrating sterilization, for a variety of bacteria, germs, fungi, spores, including high temperature resistant bacteria can be completely eliminated in an instant, compared with the traditional sterilization, sterilization effect is a qualitative leap.

Disadvantages of traditional sterilization methods

There are many traditional sterilization methods, such as high temperature sterilization, pasteurization, but there are some disadvantages. These sterilization methods have a large system, long processing time, not easy to achieve automation, sterilization is not complete, has an impact on the product ingredients, high cost defects, restricting the use of the above sterilization methods. And microwave sterilization equipment can be rapid and thorough sterilization, the advantage is very obvious.

Hawthorn slice microwave sterilization equipment processing hawthorn slice, not only clean health and nutrition, so the demand on the market has been very large.This is enough to show that the benefits of the device are obvious.

Microwave sterilization equipment is so popular, mainly due to the development of microwave technology, microwave technology is now very widely used, frozen shrimp microwave thawing equipment, tea mushroom microwave drying equipment, vegetables microwave sterilization equipment, have inadvertently appeared in our daily life. The use of microwave sterilization equipment, not only can bring rich benefits to manufacturers, but also can let consumers get assured health products, can be said to kill two birds with one stone.