Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Canned Fruit

Many people like to eat canned fruit, canned fruit with different materials and named different, general fruit canned materials from fruit, including yellow peach, apple, litchi, strawberry, hawthorn and so on, the main products are canned yellow peach, canned strawberry, canned orange and so on. All kinds of canned fruit linger around us. We can choose according to our own taste and taste the freshness of the fruit.

fruit can

Fruit cans are generally canned sealed preservation, before the seal, first to sterilize it, the elimination of bacteria and bacteria spores, there will be no bacteria reproduction, so as to extend the food preservation time as far as possible. Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits has excellent sterilization effect and has been sold all over the world, deeply loved by customers.

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits

  1. Microwave sterilizer for canned fruitshas fast sterilization speed and short time.
  2. Sterilize thoroughly, can be stored for a long time, nutrition does not lose and maintain the original color, fragrance and taste.
  3. Microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruitssaves 50% of time and 40% of electricity compared with other sterilization equipment.
  4. No industrial wastewater, no pollution of the environment, microwave sterilization equipment in line with the national environmental protection requirements.
  5. Microwave equipmentis small in size, small in area, easy to maintain and operate is the ideal sterilization equipment.

Application of microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits

Bento, rice noodles, instant noodles, instant cakes, soybean food, dried meat, dried fish, peanuts, melon seeds, chestnut, peach kernel, almond, potato chips, fried chips, dates, tea leaves, persimmon, mulberry, wolfberry seeds, toona sinensis, coriander and other vegetables and seasonings, Chinese and western medicine, tissue, rubber products, bamboo and wood products.

Working principle of microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits

The thermal effect of microwave energy means that under the action of a certain intensity microwave field, insects and bacteria in food will absorb microwave energy and heat up due to the phenomenon of molecular polarization, thus denaturating their proteins and losing their biological activity. The thermal effect of microwave mainly plays the role of rapid heating sterilization. The non-thermal effect of microwave energy is that the high frequency electric field makes its membrane potential and polar molecular structure change, and makes the protein and physiological active substances in the microorganism mutate, thus losing vitality or death. It plays a special role in sterilization which is not found in conventional physical sterilization and is also one of the causes of bacterial death. Microwave sterilization and preservation are the results of microwave thermal and non-thermal effects.

Technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for canned fruits

Product modelDL-30 
Input power380±10%  50HZ 
Output microwave power30KW power adjustableCustomized according to production
Transfer speed0-5m/minArbitrary adjustable(Frequency control of motor speed)
Sterilization efficiency300kg/h 

With the continuous progress of science and technology, microwave technology is also constantly improved, canned fruit microwave sterilization equipment, frozen fruit microwave thawing equipment, microwave drying equipment for medicinal materials have been improved, better adapt to the development of the society, to meet the needs of processing enterprises. This is the progress of the times, but also the progress of human civilization!