Microwave Sterilization Equipment for Beef Jerky

Beef jerky tastes delicious, with a variety of seasoning, craft production, can meet all kinds of tastes and old and young women and children’s favorite, as a tourist snack food deeply welcomed by people. Beef jerky contains a variety of minerals and amino acids needed by the human body, which not only keeps the flavor of beef chewing resistance, but also keeps it for a long time. The production of beef jerky to choose the first choice of raw materials, followed by the production process and production time, drying also have to consider the time of sunshine, each process must be closely controlled.

beef jerky

In the past, the production of beef jerky depended on sun drying and baked on heated clay beds, the quality of beef jerky produced is inferior and the pollution is serious. After the factory has carried on the technical transformation, builds the steam oven or the electric heating oven, the sanitation condition were improved, reduced the dust and the bacterium pollution, but still has some problems. Leader Microwave Equipment Company has developed a microwave sterilization equipment for dried beef according to the market demand, the equipment processing of meat finished products regardless of the quality or output and health indicators have been thoroughly changed, this is a new technology, a new method of meat processing industry.

Advantages of microwave sterilization equipment for beef jerky:

  1. The sterilizing equipmentadopts multi-source radiation technology and equipped with imported temperature controller, which has good sterilizing uniformity. An anti-microwave leakage suppressor is set at the inlet and outlet of the heater, and its leakage index reaches the national standard to ensure the safety of use.
  2. In the sterilization process, beef jerky on the material plate or conveyor belt, transmission speed infinitely variable, can be convenient with various process adjustment.The inner cavity of the microwave sterilizer for beef jerky is made of stainless steel, PLC fully automatic control and with fault detection system.
  3. Microwave can penetrate into the internal heating of beef jerky. The beef jerky microwave sterilization equipmentcan be heated inside and outside at the same time, and only the heated beef jerky can absorb microwave energy, so the heating efficiency is high, the heating is uniform and the heat loss is small.
  4. Low temperature sterilization effect is good, microwave thermal effect, non-thermal effect double sterilization effect, compared with the conventional method, beef jerky microwave sterilization machinecan maintain the original color, aroma, taste of food, do not destroy the nutrients, and has expanded effect, the product taste good.
  5. Convenient and timely control, production is not affected by climate conditions, microwave equipmentis ready to use, no thermal inertia, microwave power size, transmission speed can be adjusted continuously and smoothly, can be continuously 24 hours of production.
  6. The beef jerky microwave sterilization equipmentheating itself without heat radiation, can improve the working conditions. Microwave leakage is in line with national standards.The equipment has compact structure and small floor space.

Disadvantages of traditional sterilization methods

  1. The sterilization is not complete, and the health indicators can not meet the requirements.
  2. It increases the energy consumption of steam and electric heating, with high cost and low economic benefit.
  3. The drying time is long. After soaking, the dried beef jerky has a moisture content of about 35%. To reach the requirement of 10-12% moisture of the finished product, it has to be baked for a long time, which limits the yield increase.

Technical parameters of microwave sterilization equipment for beef jerky

Input power(KW)21
Output power(KW)15
 Dehydration(kg/h )15〜20
The amount of sterilization(kg/h)150〜250
Size L*W*H(mm)8300*820*1750

Today, beef jerky microwave sterilization equipment, frozen meat microwave sterilization equipment, bread microwave sterilization equipment and other equipment in the market development far ahead. They will replace the traditional sterilization, rooted in the microwave industry, will continue to improve, adapt to the development of society, better meet the needs of processing enterprises.