Microwave Perillaseed Drying Equipment Application

The main producing areas of perillaseed are located in Northeast China, which can be divided into fructus perillae, black Soviet seed and blue Soviet seed, which are widely used. Its seeds can replace sesame seeds, seedlings and leaves can be eaten, perillaseed cake residue is a good feed for livestock, but also a good organic fertilizer. In addition, perillaseed oil can make umbrellas, raincoats, paints, ink and so on, is an important industrial raw materials.

Microwave drying is a new drying method. When drying, microwave can directly act on dielectric molecules to convert into heat energy. Microwave itself has a strong penetration, and the dried object can be heated inside and outside at the same time. Therefore, when drying with microwave periallaseed drying equipment, there will be no external ripening, no need for heat conduction, so the heating speed is very fast, and no matter what the shape of the heated object is, because the microwave penetration is very strong, The internal and external temperature of the heated object is almost the same, and the heating is uniform, which greatly improves the drying quality and dehydration effect.

The advantages of the microwave perillaseed drying equipment are as follows:

1.Microwave perillaseed drying machine heats evenly. Because microwave directly acts on water molecules, the absorption power of microwave is higher than that of low water content in the part with high water content. This is the characteristic of microwave selective heating, based on this characteristic, microwave perillaseed drying machine can achieve uniform heating and drying.

2.The microwave perillaseed drying equipment is efficient and energy-saving. The microwave is directly applied to the material, so that no additional heat loss is generated, and the air in the furnace and the heating cavity do not absorb the microwave energy, so that the energy utilization efficiency is extremely high, the production environment is obviously improved, and the electricity can be saved by 30 to 50 percent compared with the traditional drying process.

3.Microwave perillaseed baking equipment has high drying efficiency and short heating time. Because microwave heating does not need the process of heat conduction, microwave penetration into the object from different directions, from the inside to the outside to achieve uniform drying of the material in a very short time, effectively shorten the drying time.

4.Shortening the drying time of microwave baking equipment can reduce the temperature needed for drying, avoid the change of composition and morphology in the drying process, and is beneficial to improve the quality of the product.

5.Microwave perillaseed drying equipment is easy to operate and easy to control. The microwave power can be adjusted and the transmission speed can be adjusted during the drying of the microwave perillaseed drying machine, which can easily achieve the ideal drying effect and meet the different drying needs.

6.The thermal effect and the biological effect of the microwave can be combined together, and the antibacterial effect can be strongly sterilized. The total number of the bacterial colonies of the perillaseed product processed by the microwave perillaseed drying production line reaches the international standard, the health and the safety are high, and the quality is good.

The working principle of microwave perillaseed drying equipment produced by leader microwave equipment company:

Microwave drying uses the properties of microwave penetration, absorption and reflection. In the drying process, the polar solvent molecules in the material absorb the microwave and convert the microwave energy into thermal energy, so the temperature of the material forms a temperature gradient from inside to outside. in the process, the heat energy is continuously accumulated and further converted into potential energy, the outer water of the material is first evaporated, the pressure difference is formed from inside to outside, and the heat transfer is consistent with the mass transfer direction, so the perillaseed microwave drying equipment has the advantages of high drying speed, less time consumption and uniform drying effect, And the like.

In recent years, demand for material dehydration is growing rapidly, both in the country and in the international market. The dehydrated dried product not only is convenient for transportation, storage and sales, but also improves the added value, and has great market potential and development space. It is especially important to improve the drying technology. The microwave drying equipment such as a microwave oven drying device, a garlic slice microwave drying machine and the like is high in efficiency and energy-saving, green and environment-friendly, the dried product has the advantages of good product quality, low cost and good prospect.