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LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer is mainly used for Chinese and Western medicine, milk, fruit and vegetable beverages, flower drinks, tea drinks, protein drinks, health drinks, health wine, rice wine, wine, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, bad hail, soy milk, nutrient solution, sauce. Liquor ripening, chemical synthesis, syrup and other liquid pharmaceuticals, as well as sterilization and preservation of health teas, juice drinks, etc., some water agents, injections, etc. in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used for the ripening of white wine, vinegar, etc.

LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizerLD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer

The material and microwave process is fully enclosed. The LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer has the advantages of fast sterilization speed, high efficiency, low temperature, obvious aging effect, easy operation, easy control and no contact pollution.

The liquid material is transported to the heater by the pipeline transportation system, and the liquid is heated by the microwave energy, and the bacteria in the liquid material are killed by the biological effect and thermal effect, the the microwave electromagnetic field play role in thermal effect.

Structural features of LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer:

1.Liquid microwave sterilizer adopts the latest and most advanced multi-port feed energy of contemporary microwave, and the original Japanese magnetron ensures the microwave output power is adjustable. The magnetron has high power, high efficiency, strong load-carrying capacity, long service life and air cooling.

2.The heater is a box type, the main components are made of stainless steel, the whole machine design.The manufacturing process and appearance fully meet the GMP standards for pharmaceutical equipment.

3.The whole machine adopts modular design, which is convenient for cleaning, assembly and disassembly, and maintenance.

4.LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer adopts modern high-tech anti-microwave leakage turbulence device, and has automatic door-opening protection device to make the overall appearance of the device compact, beautiful, smooth, safe and small.

Technical parameters of LD1920 microwave sterilizer:

Daily capacity8T-10TLeakage value≤3mw/m³
Total power30KW/hMicrowave frequency2450/915MHz
Transmission speed0-5m/min(adjustable)Cooling methodBy water
Bactericidal ability300-400kg/hOperating methodsCompletely continuous
Size10500x840x1800mmHeating methodBy electricity
LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer

How to use LD1920 liquid microwave sterilizer:

The cavity of the microwave liquid sterilizer has an inner diameter of Φ20 mm, a cavity height of 25 mm, a tube wall thickness of 3 mm, and a material of stainless steel. The bottom portion of the microwave liquid sterilizer is provided with four liquid substance output ports having a diameter of 1.2 mm. A liquid material output converging port with a diameter of 3.8 mm is provided at the outer mouth of the four liquid material outlets.

The inlet chamber (inner conductor) 2 has an outer diameter of Φ10 mm, an axial height of 17 mm, a wall thickness of 1 mm, and a lower conical head 2-1 with an axial height of 5 mm. Four outlet ports with a diameter of Φ1.0 mm are symmetrically arranged in the upper end in the axial direction. The central axis of each liquid outlet 2-3 is also 1.0 mm, and the material is stainless steel.

The inner diameter of the liquid guiding tube 3 is Φ4.0 mm, the wall thickness is 2.0 mm, and the material is polytetrafluoroethylene, and the upper and lower ends thereof are respectively sealed and fixed with the conical head and the inner bottom of the cavity housing 1.

The inner conductor of the coupler is a copper strip and is fixedly connected to the top of the cavity housing through a standard SMA type joint to input microwaves.

Tested: the microwave input frequency is 2450±50MHz, the power is 100W, the liquid substance to be sterilized is a liquid with escherichia coli, and the killing rate of escherichia coli is 100% under the condition of a pressure input of 10cm/s. An average of 100 ml takes about 20 seconds, and the temperature rise of the bacteria-carrying liquid is lower than 15 ° C, achieving rapid and low-temperature sterilization at a lower power.

The liquid medicine conveying pipeline adopts PP or PTFE tube. This material does not absorb microwave, it is safe and non-toxic and has high temperature resistant. The chemical liquid inlet and outlet are controlled by stainless steel solenoid valve. If the outlet temperature is lower than the set temperature, the liquid will be heated in the pipeline.

PLC adopts siemens series programmable controller, human-machine interface touch screen,it has stable performance and high reliability. According to the set temperature parameter value, the liquid flow rate and microwave power are automatically adjusted, and the fixed temperature of the liquid is automatically controlled. The temperature of the liquid can be completely maintained between 80 ° C and 95 ° C, and the outlet temperature is kept within the set temperature ± 3 ° C. The temperature probe provided at the heater outlet will be equipped with a temperature-controlled automatic frequency conversion modulation circuit, which can be automatically frequency-converted according to the required temperature setting, and the power adjustment temperature control device can achieve uniform temperature sterilization effect.

LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer1.Resonator housing, 1-1. Liquid material outlet, 2. Inlet chamber (inner conductor), 2-1. Conical head, 2-3. Outlet, 3. Catheter, 4. Coupler.

The working principle of LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer:

Microwave sterilization has strong penetrating ability, high energy utilization rate, fast heating and sterilization speed, no mechanical and the physical properties of the object damage during the whole sterilization process. The liquid material after microwave sterilization has a long shelf life.

The microwave liquid sterilizer adopts a microwave cavity to achieve a simplified structure, reduce the volume of the system.The region with strong field strength in the cavity has high concentration, and can achieve the purposes of electric field intensity for sterilization, low temperature sterilization, and energy consumption at a lower power.

The polar molecules in the liquid under the action of electromagnetic waves of 300 MHZ to 300 GHz produce strong vibration and friction. The main component of bacteria is water. Water is a polar molecule. Under the action of microwave alternating electromagnetic field, it causes strong polar oscillation, which leads to the breakdown of capacitive cell structure or the relaxation and destruction of hydrogen bonds between the molecules of the cells causes the living environment of the most basic unit cells of the bacteria to be severely damaged, resulting in death, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization.

LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer

Leader Microwave Equipment Company provides thoughtful after-sales service to minimize customer worries:

1. We have prepared the LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer engineering drawings, operation manuals and consumable parts and instructions for their replacement methods, which will be issued with the equipment.

2. Our engineers will personally install the equipment for you and commission it to ensure proper operation and train workers.

3. Engineers can repair machinery and provide technical support in abroad.

4. We provide customers with LD1920 microwave liquid sterilization equipment for one year warranty.

5. We always maintain a certain inventory of parts to ensure that replacement parts are sent in time

Our company consistently produces high quality equipment and has excellent marketing and import and export capabilities.We have established friendly and cooperative relationships with many domestic and foreign customers. In addition, based on strong technical strength, we are guided by market demand and design the most economical and reasonable production solutions about LD1920 microwave liquid sterilizer and LD1908 medicinal microwave sterilization equipment .All equipment of the company has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system to ensure the quality and performance of our products. Please contact us or visit our factory to inspect the test machine.