What Are the Advantages of Lotus Root Powder Drying and Sterilization Equipment?

In recent years, microwave drying as a new technology has been widely used in industrial and agricultural production.Microwave drying has the advantages of uniform heating, high utilization of heat energy, good product quality, short heating time and easy automatic control. Different from hot air and other drying methods, microwave-dried materials have fast drying speed, short drying time, high quality of dried materials and high thermal utilization rate due to their unique heating characteristics.Microwave drying has been paid more and more attention and applied in the fields of medicine, food industry and agricultural products processing. Advantages and features of microwave lotus root … Read more

Effect of Microwave Treatment on Linseed Oil Quality

People often say that the grain is to raise, but do not know that the ancients said there is “hemp” in the grain.Hemp includes oil seeds such as flaxseed and sesame seed.In recent years,the dietary habits of modern people have changed, absorbing too much saturated fatty acid, affecting the normal operation of cells, thus causing three degenerative diseases: cardiovascular disease, cancer disease, diabetes.And flaxseed no cholesterol, is rich in fibre and Ω 3 fatty acids, Ω 3 fatty acids contain nutrients can help prevent heart disease and other chronic diseases. Linseed The baking, puffing, drying and sterilization of whole grain … Read more

Cold Noodle Sterilization Grain Machinery,Summer Appetite Savers

Microwave technology has the advantages of high efficiency and safety, and has been widely used in food enzyme killing, blanching, thawing, drying, freeze-drying, baking and sterilization,especially in the field of food sterilization.Sterilization is an important operation unit in food processing. Cold Noodle Analysis of the advantages of the Leader Equipment Company’s cold noodles sterilization machine: 1.For solid food, conventional heating sterilization is difficult to kill the bacteria inside the food, which needs to last for a long time under high temperature conditions to achieve sterilization effect, resulting in shorter shelf life and lower quality. Microwave of cold noodles sterilization grain equipment has a … Read more