Introduction to the Advantages of Microwave Drying Equipment for Textiles

With the development of science and technology, the traditional drying method has not been able too meet the people’s demands, while seeking a new drying method, the microwave drying is used as a new drying method.Microwave drying is applied in various directions, such as the chemical industry, the food industry, the wool spinning printing and dyeing industry, the tea processing, the pharmaceutical industry, the tobacco industry and the like. The microwave drying equipment of textile is the perfect combination of microwave technology in the textile industry.

Advantages of Leader Microwave Equipment Company microwave cotton yarn drying equipment:

1.Microwave cotton yarn dryer makes the heated material body hot, does not need heat conduction, the surrounding air and devices do not heat, will not cause heat loss, so the thermal efficiency is high, saving a lot of energy.

2.Microwave can make the material produce whole self-heating. Because all parts of the heated object are heated at the same time, the whole object can be heated evenly inside and outside, which will not produce a large temperature difference between the surface and the interior of the object. Therefore, the microwave textile drying equipment heats the cotton yarn evenly, dries inside and outside at the same time, and does not change color.

3.Microwave cotton yarn drying equipment can realize assembly line operation, avoid some artificial operation mistakes, and improve production efficiency.

4.Microwave drying textile equipment drying thoroughly. Conventional thermal drying begins on the surface of the material and then transmits it to the interior of the material through heat conduction. The internal and external temperature of the material has a temperature difference, and the internal and external drying effect is poor in consistency. The processing time is shortened, and the drying effect is influenced by the fact that the internal temperature does not reach enough temperature. The phenomenon can be improved by increasing the treatment temperature. Microwave has penetration performance, surface and internal action at the same time, which can ensure that the internal and external temperature can reach the required value together, so the product quality is good.

5.The textile microwave drying equipment is convenient to control, and the automatic production is realized. The device has the advantages of simple operation and convenient control, can be processed according to different process specifications, reduces production operators and reduces production cost.

6.The microwave drying equipment of the textile is used for killing and inhibiting bacteria. Under the double action of the biological effect and the non-biological effect of microwave heating, the survival and reproduction of the microorganisms are inhibited. The service life of the textile products will be longer, so that the quality of the textile products is obviously improved.

7.The microwave can instantly penetrate the heated substance, and the microwave drying equipment of the textile only needs to be heated for a few seconds to a few minutes without preheating. The stop heating is also instantaneous and has no residual heat.

8.Microwave is the heating of dielectric loss, the object with large dielectric loss coefficient absorbs microwave selectively, and the part that does not need heating does not absorb microwave. The microwave drying equipment of textile avoids meaningless heating, which is beneficial to save energy and realize sustainable development.

Scope of application of microwave drying equipment for textiles:

Microwave cotton yarn dryer is widely used in rapid drying of cotton yarn, rayon, hemp yarn, textile fiber, glass fiber, untwisted yarn, extruded yarn, short cut yarn and so on.

Drying principle of microwave cotton yarn drying equipment:

The microwave generated by the microwave drying equipment of the textile uses water molecules inside the material to generate self-heating by friction, the penetration of the microwave improves the temperature of the material, the water in the material is vaporized and evaporated, and the evaporated water vapor is removed by the dehumidifying system to achieve the purpose of drying the material. The marble microwave drying apparatus also applies this mechanism to efficiently carry out the drying operation.

As a great country for textile production and export, China has been developing in the textile industry for many years. It should also strengthen the innovation of textile technology, continuously improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost. The research and promotion of increasing the microwave drying equipment of textiles is the trend of the times.