Microwave Sterilization Equipment LD1921

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment is an industrial tunnel type microwave sterilizer for solid powder materials, which can be used for sterilizing solid materials such as powder, particle, block and ball, etc. It is suitable for sterilizing solid materials in food, medical treatment, chemical industry, agriculture and other industries. LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment is a kind of industrial tunnel crawler sterilization equipment with simple structure, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high sterilization quality, and basically no impact on material properties and active ingredient content. LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment’s advantages: 1.LD1921 microwave powder … Read more

Stepped Microwave Sterilization Drying Equipment LD1904

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF LD1904 stepped microwave sterilization drying equipment sets the waste heat circulation air passage between the sterilization box and the drying chamber, which improves the utilization rate of waste heat and reduces energy consumption. The microwave drying device and the hot air drying device are required of segmented in different modes to improve the energy profit rate and solve the problem of poor material quality caused by the single drying mode. By setting the temperature and humidity sensor with the PLC control device, the temperature and humidity curve in the drying process and the rotation … Read more

Rotary Vacuum Microwave Drying and Sterilization Equipment LD1909

Introduce Advantage Parameter PDF Download PDF LD1909 rotary vacuum microwave drying and sterilization equipment belongs to materials drying and sterilizing equipment in the fields of pharmacy, food, chemical industry. It is used for drying all kinds of materials, especially for drying heat-sensitive, easily oxidized and high sugar content materials at low temperature. Drying of liquid medicines, traditional Chinese medicine extracts, chemical raw materials, food raw materials that are the most basic process and the most difficult process for manufacturers. The main pressure steam drying or electric heating drying equipment, which not only makes the material production cycle long, heating temperature … Read more