Hangzhou Mr Zhao moon cake microwave sterilization successful case

“When will the bright moon be, raise the wine and ask the night sky.” The annual Mid-Autumn festival is coming, and it’s time for family reunion. At this special moment, moon cakes also appear in various supermarkets and malls, and the Mid-Autumn festival is bound to be indispensable. Many food companies also make moon cakes one after another.

Mr. Zhao is the owner of a food company in hangzhou. He has been engaged in the food industry for many years and is a large-scale food manufacturer. Recently, with the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, their company is also engaged in the production of moon cakes. A very important process in the production of moon cakes is sterilization, but what is the best way to sterilize? After doing some research, Mr. Zhao contacted the Leader Microwave Equipment Company. Inquiry and preliminary understanding of the moon cake microwave sterilization equipment some conditions.

Moon cake microwave sterilization equipment

The Leader Microwave Equipment Company’s moon cake microwave sterilization equipment is a new type of high-efficiency energy-saving sterilization equipment, using unique microwave technology, compared with other sterilization methods have unique advantages.

The advantages moon cake microwave sterilization equipment

1.High energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed

Microwave sterilization is only 3-10 minutes, the moon cake microwave sterilization machine itself does not heat, but the microwave energy penetrates the moon cake, make the moon cake polar molecules friction each other and generate heat, so there is no energy loss, high energy conversion efficiency, fast heating speed.
2. The puffing effect is obvious

The moon cake sterilizing equipment is to use microwave heating. The rapid heating effect of microwave makes the water molecules inside the moon cake vaporize quickly and achieve the purpose of expanding.
3.Microwave sterilization is carried out under the dual action of thermal effect and non-thermal effect of microwave. Compared with the conventional sterilization method, the microwave sterilization device of moon cake can achieve satisfactory sterilization effect at a lower temperature and in a very short time, and retain the nutrients.
4. Easy to use and operate

Moon cake microwave sterilization equipment power and speed of the belt can be stepless regulation, there is no thermal inertia, you can start or stop instantly, simple and easy to control, easy to operate.

5.Simple equipment, advanced technology

Compared with conventional sterilization, moon cake microwave sterilization equipment does not need boilers, complex pipeline system, coal yard and transport vehicles, as long as the basic conditions of water and electricity can be used, simple equipment, advanced technology.

Customers visit to do experiments

After detailed communication, Mr. Zhao decided to bring the company members to do the experiment together, and the experiment achieved a very ideal effect, Mr. Zhao was also very satisfied. After some negotiations, Mr. Zhao decided to buy two of our moon cake microwave sterilization equipment, we also gave them a great discount, the negotiation between the two sides is very pleasure!

We also showed them the company’s vegetable microwave drying sterilization equipment, bread microwave sterilization equipment and other equipment, they are very interested. And said that the microwave industry will have a very broad development prospects, expressed that is willing to carry on the long-term cooperation with us!