Cold Noodle Sterilization Grain Machinery,Summer Appetite Savers

Microwave technology has the advantages of high efficiency and safety, and has been widely used in food enzyme killing, blanching, thawing, drying, freeze-drying, baking and sterilization,especially in the field of food sterilization.Sterilization is an important operation unit in food processing.

Cold Noodle

Analysis of the advantages of the Leader Equipment Company’s cold noodles sterilization machine:

1.For solid food, conventional heating sterilization is difficult to kill the bacteria inside the food, which needs to last for a long time under high temperature conditions to achieve sterilization effect, resulting in shorter shelf life and lower quality.

Microwave of cold noodles sterilization grain equipment has a strong penetration,cold noodle sterilization grain machine can kill the bacterial of cold noodles inside and outside simultaneously,improving the quality of cold noodles and effectively increase their shelf life.

2.The microwave sterilization of cold noodles sterilization grains production line is not only dependent on the unilateral factor of heat.At the same time, the microwave sterilization time is less than the traditional sterilization time,the main reason for the above situation is that the microwave cold noodles sterilization machinery is to make the external and internal heating of food, heat transfer evenly.

3.Cold noodles sterilization of grain machinery on the main nutrients of cold surface damage is small.The effect of conventional sterilization and microwave sterilization on protein content in food is very important.Through the related research confirmation, the microwave sterilization has little effect on the protein loss, the microwave sterilization has little effect on the amino acid and the protein content.

4.Microwave sterilization of cold noodles has no obvious influence on the color and feel of cold surface. Microwave sterilization technology of cold noodles can effectively improve the quality of cold surface.

Cold Noodle Sterilization Grain Machinery

Analysis of mechanical mechanism of cold noodle sterilization grain:

1.The thermal effect of microwave energy

The thermal effect of microwave on organism refers to the physiological effect on organism caused by the heating of biological tissue or system caused by microwave.That is, under the action of a certain intensity of microwave field, the insects and bacteria in food will absorb the temperature of microwave energy due to the phenomenon of molecular polarization, so as to denaturate their proteins and lose biological activity.

The thermal effect of microwave can cause the rapid heating of food, which can be used in the sterilization of all kinds of food, including all kinds of small package food, bottled food, bottled drinks, cakes, biscuits, preserved fruits, bean products, cooked food and condiments, flour, etc.It is not difficult to see that microwave thermal effect is widely used in the food processing industry.Using microwave thermal effect, the chain plate microwave wood drying equipment can dry wood efficiently.

2.Biological effects of microwave energy

The biological effect of microwave on organism refers to the phenomenon of electroporation,cell membrane rupture,magnetic coupling and other phenomena in organism under the action of electromagnetic wave,which not only causes the heating phenomenon,but also causes the strong biological response and makes various physiological and functional changes in organism.The non-thermal effect is also one of the causes of bacterial death.

3.Microwave thermal effect and non – thermal effect work together

When microwave sterilization technology is applied in food, the thermal effect and non-thermal effect exist simultaneously.The effect of continuous microwave radiation sterilization is better than that of discontinuous microwave radiation sterilization.

At the same time, at the same microwave output power, the higher the temperature, the higher the mortality of microorganisms.The microwave sterilization temperature is lower than the conventional method, the microwave sterilization temperature is only 70℃-105℃.

Equipment schematic

Compared with conventional thermal sterilization, cold noodles sterilization of grain mechanical sterilization, the required time is short, so in the maintenance of food nutrients, quality and structure improvement, energy saving, health assurance and other aspects are better than the traditional processing methods.

As a new processing technology,microwave has been widely used in food sterilization.The principle of sterilization is to utilize the non-thermal effect of microwave energy and the synergistic synergistic effect produced by the thermal effect.Microwave sterilization is widely used in food industry because of its short time and low destructive effect.