Bottled Food Microwave Sterilization Equipment LD1911

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LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment is mainly used for bottled foods such as kimchi, chili sauce, mushroom sauce, enoki mushroom sauce, oyster sauce, bean curd, cabbage sauce, tofu sauce, Korean spicy sauce, garlic sauce, sweet chili sauce, black pepper sauce , beef hot sauce, oyster sauce.

Bottled food

Bottled food

Features of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment:

1. Bacteria, mold, yeast, fungi and enzymes have a good killing effect, which is simpler and more convenient than conventional sterilization.

2. Since the agitator shaft is set to a fixed type, the transmission device drives the silo to rotate so that the motor can be placed under the sterilization device, the installation and operation become very convenient.

3. Since the stirring rod and the fixing frame are connected by a slider, the stirring rod can be moved up and down along the fixing frame, so that the blade provided at the lower end of the stirring rod can fully stir the material placed on the silo.t I Avoiding the problem that the blade is broken at the bottom of the mixing silo causes the blade to break.

4. A hand wheel is arranged on the side of the outer wall of the middle part of the device material bin. When the door body is closed, the hand wheel is pulled back to the front to fasten the door edge, thereby making the silo seal tighter and reducing microwave leakage. The internal temperature of the silo is maintained for a long time, and the sterilization effect is more obvious

5. The setting of the dehumidification device accelerates the flow of hot air, which is beneficial to the rapid drying of materials.

6. The sterilization temperature is low, the time is short, and the sterilization can be completed within a few minutes, which can effectively preserve the original flavor of the food.

7. Sterilization is thorough, uniformity is good, and each bottle can be evenly sterilized. Sterilization, mildew proof, insecticidal and other effects can be carried out simultaneously.

8. After microwave sterilization, the bottle naturally forms a vacuum state, which is more favorable for prolonging the shelf life of the food.

9. Sterilization is safe, convenient, flexible, and ready to use when the equipment is turned on. The product quality is good, the original active ingredient of the material is retained to a great extent, and the shelf life and shelf life of the material are prolonged.

10. High efficiency, no environmental pollution, low cost and high economic efficiency.

11. Flowing operation, easy to operate. Advanced technology, easy to control, save floor space, save energy and improve working conditions.

Technical parameters of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment

  • 1. Equipment model: LD1911
  • 2. Input power: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%
  • 3. Output microwave power: 12kW (power adjustable)
  • 4. Microwave frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
  • 5. rated input apparent power: ≤ 17kVA
  • 6. Dimensions (length × width × height): 8500 × 850 × 1750mm
  • 7. Working environment: 0 ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 80%
  • 8. In line with GB10436-1989 workplace microwave radiation health standards
  • 9. In line with GB/5226.1-2002 mechanical safety machinery and electrical equipment
  • 10. The microwave source is used in Japan, equipped with the US infrared temperature control system
  • 11. The cabinet is made of food grade stainless steel.
LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment

LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment

Structural composition of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment:

LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment is composed of rack, microwave heater, microwave generator, conveyor belt, rotating roller and power unit. The upper part of the frame is the conveyor belt. The upper part of the conveyor belt has a microwave generator fixed to the frame. A microwave heater is respectively arranged on both sides of the microwave generator, the rotating roller on one side of the conveyor belt is connected with the power device on the frame. The microwave heater, the microwave generator and the power unit are all connected to the control box line. The structure of the microwave sterilization equipment is reasonable, and the bottled food can be effectively sterilized at a relatively low temperature, thereby ensuring the original indexes of the food and not easily destroying the original characteristics of the food. It avoids the drawbacks of traditional high temperature sterilization that causes food to be inedible.

Structure diagram 1 of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment:

Structure diagram 1 of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment

Structure diagram 2 of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment:

Structure diagram 2 of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment

Microwave heating chamber (1), microwave generator (7), microwave suppressor (2), material conveyor (3), control and detector (6), moisture exhaust heat exchanger (4), cleaning special door (8 ), cleaning brush (9), small hole (10), moisture discharge port (11), material conveyor (3) through microwave heating chamber (1) material conveyor (3) microwave suppressor (2), microwave heating Cavity (1) heat extractor (4), infrared radiation thermometer (5) control and detector (6) microwave heating chamber (1) cleaning special door (8) material conveyor (3) cleaning brush (9), Drainage heat exchanger (4) moisture discharge port (11)

Working principle of LD1911 bottled food microwave sterilization equipment:

At present, the microwave frequencies commonly used in industry, medicine and science are 433MHz, 915MHz, 2450MHz, 5800MHz, 22125MHz,of which 915MHz and 2450MHz are commonly used in industry in China. Traditional heat sterilization relies on heat, and the rate of heat transfer in food depends on the heat transfer characteristics of the food. And the heat in the food is transmitted from the surface of the food to the inside. Microwave sterilization is a new radiation sterilization technology in recent years. It is different from X-ray and γ-ray and is a kind of non-ionizing radiation. Microwave sterilization is not just a unilateral factor that relies on heat. The principle of the LD1911 microwave bottled food sterilization equipment is that the temperature field thermal effect generated by the microwave and the non-thermal effect of the electromagnetic field can be sterilized. The thermal effect of microwave is the characteristic that the microwave can instantaneously reach high temperature, which is the destruction of the spatial structure of the bacterial cells, thereby causing the protein to mutate and achieve the purpose of sterilization. The non-thermal effect of microwave is also called biological effect. It is manifested that the electron distribution of the cell membrane section changes in the microwave electric field, affecting the concentration of electrons and ions around the cell membrane, and changing the permeability of the cell membrane. The cells cannot be normally metabolized, causing cell dysfunction, thereby achieving the purpose of sterilization and preservation.

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