Microwave Sterilization Equipment LD1921

LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment sterilizes through the thermal effect of microwave on polar molecules and the principle of non-thermal effect, using the control of water to achieve the ideal sterilization effect, sterilization process with conveyor conveyor, there is no extrusion, etc.

LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment has the characteristics of short sterilization time, good effect, no impact on the material properties and the content of active ingredients.

The appearance of powder drying equipment conforms to the development of the market and provides us with great convenience. Leader Microwave Equipment has researched the market and created a variety of microwave drying equipment in different sizes so that everyone can find their own microwave drying equipment.
LD1921 microwave powder sterilization equipment is an industrial tunnel type microwave sterilizer for solid powder materials, which can be used for sterilizing solid materials such as powder, particle, block and ball, etc. It is suitable for sterilizing solid materials in food, medical treatment, chemical industry, agriculture and other industries.
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